Winery Profile: Pride Mountain Vineyards

It’s time for this week’s Winery Profile! This week, Ultra Wine Racks & Cellars is excited to profile Pride Mountain Vineyards located in Napa Valley, California. Let’s dive into what makes this vineyard and winery a prized jewel in the heart of wine country.

Pride Mountain Vineyards

Just east of Santa Rosa, Pride Mountain Vineyards stretches over 235 acres through both Napa and Sonoma County. In fact, one half of the Pride Mountain Vineyards is located in Napa County while the other half sits in Sonoma County. Interestingly, a row of bricks between the tasting room and the winery identifies the county line.


Cultivating Bold Flavors

Pride Mountain Vineyards Ultra Wine Racks

Pride Mountain Vineyards specializes in red wine production, with a focus on cabernet sauvignon and merlot. Eighty-three acres of the Pride Mountain estate is dedicated to cultivating the perfect vines for optimal wine production. These vineyards lie 2000 feet above the floor of Napa Valley, which keep the grapes free of the morning fog that blankets Sonoma and Napa Valley. This prime location allows the vines to get constant sunshine throughout the day.

Pride Mountain Vineyards Ultra Wine Racks

With a year-round crew of fifteen skilled workers, the vineyards are thoroughly managed and cared for. These workers make sure that there is a proper balance of fruit on the vines and canopy vigor. This perfect balance awards healthy grapes that are ripe for production.


Charming Winery

Pride Mountain Vineyards Ultra Wine Racks
Image courtesy of The Gochiso Gourmet.

A trip to the the charming winery of Pride Mountain Vineyards rewards a picturesque views of St. Helena. The winery sits just twenty minutes to the east of St. Helena atop a summit formerly named “Summit Ranch.” The tasting room provides guests with samples of the latest vintages.


Subterranean Caves

Pride Mountain Vineyards Ultra Wine Racks

Last but not least are the caves of Pride Mountain Vineyards. The Pride family dug these caves between 1999 and 2001 and between twenty and fifty feet underground. With 23,000 square feet dedicated to about 2,400 barrels of fine, aging wine, the caves are a sight to see. The caves sit at a temperature of a cool fifty-nine degrees and the perfect temperature for bold, red wines.


Visit the Pride Mountain Vineyard website today to book an appointment.



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