Ultra Wine Racks on HGTV Show Rock The Block

Rock The Block Season 4

HGTV’s Rock the Block is a home renovation competition where four teams transform four blank-slate homes on the same block in Berthoud, Colorado. With just 6 weeks and a limited budget of $250,000, designers must showcase their unique styles and stand out from the rest. This season, two teams incorporated Ultra Wine Racks products into their designs, bringing an added level of sophistication to their spaces. As each team competes to win the ultimate prize of a street named in their honor and Rock the Block Champions, let’s take a closer look at their designs.

Page Turner and Mitch Glew: Fix My Flip

For the competition, Page Turner and Mitch Glew teamed up to bring their vision to life on Rock The Block. Page is a seasoned real estate broker, house flipping expert, and host of Fix My Flip. Mitch, a contractor on Fix My Flip and the owner of Glew Build, which offers general contractor and interior design services.

To ensure that they had the best products for their design plan, Ultra’s Marketing and Design team collaborated closely with Page and Mitch. They assisted in selecting the right products, including four black Floor-to-Ceiling wine racks that can hold up to 108 wine bottles. Viewers were able to witness their creativity in the first episode, where Page and Mitch incorporated two floor-to-ceiling wine racks on each side of the open hall leading from the kitchen to the dining room. The wine racks added a touch of sophistication to the space while also serving a practical purpose. Ultra’s assistance in selecting the ideal products allowed Page and Mitch to execute their vision flawlessly.


Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle: Luxe For Less

Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle’s expertise in designing beautiful yet budget-friendly spaces made them the perfect team to participate in Rock the Block. The duo’s impressive track record of innovative design ideas and attention to detail on Luxe for Less was evident in their design choices for the competition.

Collaborating with Ultra’s design team, Michel and Anthony created a wine display that was both functional and visually stunning. By utilizing Ultra’s 3ft and 4ft double-deep Fusion Wine Walls, they were able to hold up to 210 wine bottles, allowing for an impressive yet practical wine display. Their design choices were showcased in the fourth episode, where Michel and Anthony utilized Ultra Wine Racks products to elevate their design. The images provided above display their creative use of the products in their designs. Their expertise enabled them to create a wine display that was both practical and visually impressive. Their design skills and attention to detail were evident in their choices, as seen in the fourth episode of Rock the Block.

Design Like the Pros: Create a Similar Style

Recreate this Dining Room designed by Page and Mitch

Recreate this hallway designed by Michel and Anthony

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