Ultra Wine Racks x WhisperKOOL Wine Cellars

Discover the dynamic duo of Ultra Wine Racks and WhisperKOOL, sister companies revolutionizing the wine storage industry. Ultra Wine Racks excels in crafting luxury wine racks, while WhisperKOOL specializes in cutting-edge cooling systems. Serving a diverse clientele that includes customers, distributors, and contractors, both companies seamlessly integrate their offerings to create optimal wine cellar solutions. This blog post invites you to explore captivating residential properties that illustrate the perfect blend of elegance and functionality achieved by pairing Ultra Wine Rack’s stylish wine racks with WhisperKOOL’s cooling technology in a variety of wine cellars.

Ultra Wine Racks: Straight Wine Peg
WhisperKOOL: Ceiling Mount – Ductless (220V Condenser)
Interior Design: Jessica Schuster

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