HZ Wall Rails - 4FT Metal Wine Rack (12 to 36 Bottles)


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Why Use Ultra Wall Rails?

The Ultra Wall Rail is a bottle wall mounted wine rack that’s easy to DIY. Two sturdy rails hold a series of pegs that hold your bottles safely and securely. You can angle wall rails and buy different lengths to create almost any sort of pattern or texture. When you’ve finished letting your creativity soar, sit down, have a nice glass of wine, and enjoy your one-of-a-kind wine display. The possibilities are endless.

Ultra’s Wall Rails are the perfect modern wine rack system.

Ultra HZ Wall Rails are ideal for the person looking to showcase their wine collection, not just store it. These metal wall wine racks will keep the attention on your wine labels. The minimalist design profile and sturdy metal construction will make any wine display a sleek and modern one. For easy access, maximized storage space, and infinite design possibilities, Ultra Wall Rails are the obvious choice.

Store your bottles securely with metal wall wine racks.

Our label-out wall rails are equipped with sturdy pegs and recycled rubber O-rings that hold your bottles securely in place. You can choose different bottle depths depending on your storage needs. Rails also come with connectors, so you can connect rails to each other and extend your display in any direction. Rails of any length or bottle depth are compatible with one another.

How many bottles do horizontal metal wall wine racks hold?

The capacity of our 4FT HZ Wall Rails depends on the bottle depth:

  • Single deep: 12 bottles
  • Double deep: 24 bottles
  • Triple deep: 36 bottles

What other wall rails do we offer?

We offer other modern wine rack systems such as the label-out rails in lengths of one foot, two feet, three feet, and four feet. All of these varieties are available in three bottle depths: single deep, double deep, and triple deep.

We also offer the cork-out “straight” rails in lengths of one foot, two feet, three feet, and four feet.

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  1. Just finished installing an HZ-1D-4FT-BLK ultra rack in my dining room. I am satisfied with the product. The racks were well packaged, the accessory kit was neatly organized, and the install was simple and fairly self-explanatory. I also liked the fact that the accessory kit included a Philips head bit for my drill to install the rack hardware onto the wall. My only complaint is that one of the rails on my racks was slightly bent. However, this issue was easily resolved just by forcing the rack mounting hole over the dry wall anchor and quickly securing the rack into place.

    Overall, I am pleased with the quality of the racks. I live in an apartment so it’s great to find a low cost option for storing my wine, especially with limited space. I would purchase this product again.

  2. I have a small cellar and needed some additional racking to hold my wine collection. I saw these racks online and decided to give them a try. I like the fact that I can place them close together in the corner of my cellar and maximize the capacity. I’m going to remove the wood racking in the cellar and replace them with these Ultra racks. While I put the single deep racks in the corner. I’ll use the triple deep ones throughout the cellar. I can get three times more capacity and my wine collection looks awesome.

  3. I just purchased my first Ultra wine rack. I am very pleased with the quality and durability of the rack. It was packaged nicely with all necessary parts and easy to follow directions for mounting. I appreciated that it included the tools needed as well as a list of recommended tools. I thought that plastic or rubber anchors may have been softer on the wall but realize that the metal is probably necessary to hold the weight of the bottles. It is cool that you can add racks easily and make the display as large as you would like while keeping it looking clean.

  4. I just got a new home and started storing my wines. This rack is a great addition to my decor. Only problem is now I want to get a bigger rack so I can collect more wine! High quality product and super easy to install.

  5. Extremely happy with this product I received, easy installation with a beautiful black finish! Definitely would recommend to anyone looking to store their wine!

  6. I could tell immediately from the exceptional packaging that this was going to be a quality product. All hanging hardware is included along with an extra piece of everything – screws, wall anchors, rubber washers – even a drill bit. Instructions were easy to follow. Most importantly, it look great hanging up and feels very substantial and strong. I like it so much, I may buy another.

  7. This wine rack is rock solid… we love it. I had this little section of wall that just needed “something” and this wine rack fit perfectly. The rack was super easy to install and it looks great.

  8. High quality, good looking product, simple instructions for installation, plenty of spare parts, . . . I had 2 racks (4 individual rails) unpacked, instructions read, measuring done, installation done, everything cleaned up and wine on the racks in under an hour and I am a reluctant DIY’er. For each rack I installed one rail into a stud using the included wood screws and the 2nd rail 4 inches parallel using the included anchors and screws. Result is very secure. Highly recommend!

  9. The product is great but would be nice to get a discount for multiple units. I have ordered and installed 7 and need 6 more to complete my wine closet. Gets pricey

  10. Well built. Easy to hang

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