Straight Wall Rails - 3FT Metal Wine Rack (9 Bottles)


Key Features

Ultra Wall Rails

The Ultra Wall Rail is a modern wall wine rack that’s easy to DIY. The rails are available in a variety of options and the design possibilities are endless. By the time you’ve finished your easy home installation, you can sit down, have a nice glass of wine, and enjoy your one-of-a-kind wine wall display.

This modern metal wall wine rack is perfect for you!

Ultra Straight Wall Rails are ideal for the person looking to maximize the capacity of their wine storage. This modern wall wine rack was designed as a sleek way to maximize storage in small spaces. This type of wall decor is sure to catch the eyes of wine-loving friends and draw them into the unique wall wine display you’ve created.

Store your bottles securely in one place.

We’ve equipped our straight wall rails with sturdy pegs for a sleek, minimalist look. Rails also come with connectors, so you can connect them to each other. Rails of any particular height are compatible with one another.

How many bottles do wall rails hold?

Our one-foot straight rails hold three bottles, two-foot rails hold six bottles, three-foot rails hold nine bottles, and four-foot rails hold twelve bottles.

What other wall rails do we offer?

We also offer HZ Wall Rails in lengths of one foot,  two feet, three feet, and four feet.

Product Specs


  1. I just built my wine cellar; I’ve got an awesome whisperkool unit controlled anywhere in the world by a nest thermometer. But no racking. I’ve decided to go contemporary, I’m glad I found Ultra Wine Racks.

    Amazon gave me a weeklong range of dates when the racks might arrive—it came on the first day of that range, so that was cool. When I opened the package, everything was very well protected using the good quality materials, etc.

    Included in the package is a wrench to ensure all of the rods were tight. I thought that was weird, and I was hoping that they weren’t all loose. Good news: I tried as hard as I could and I could only barely tighten one.

    The install directions were clear. I installed mine at an angle (part of a bigger design that I’m hoping to do). Like the instructions said, use a stud finder and use a level to get them perfect.

    The quality of these is excellent (as you can see by all the other reviews).
    Overall, I’m extremely happy with the value. One thing that they could do better in the directions is to warn you that when you are installing them at an angle, there is less height for the bottles. Mine still worked perfect, but there wasn’t much clearance for my oversized Pinot bottles. I’ll be ordering more products from Ultra Wine Racks.

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