XL Wine Peg


Key Features

Ultra XL Wine Peg

The Ultra XL Wine Peg makes a bold statement for unique wine displays.

Need assistance in creating a custom design?

Our design team can collaborate with you to arrange our wall mounted wine pegs on any sized wall. We invite new custom jobs and enjoy the opportunity to work with you to create your dream wine design.

Our design team will:

  1. Draw your design (in collaboration with you) using the program CAD
  2. Send a template that you can use to plot drill points on your wall
  3. Support you before, during, and after the sale of your wine racks

Constructing a cellar or wine room?

If you are constructing a new cellar or wine room and want to use this wall mounted wine pegs, we recommend placing a sheet of plywood behind the drywall. This will eliminate the need to use drywall anchors, as you now know that everywhere you drill will be secure.

Product Specs

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