Ultra Spotlight: Hang Time with Ultra Wine Ports

Ultra Wine Racks & Cellars spares no effort in developing the sleekest, most eye-catching wine displays and innovative storage solutions currently on the market. The Ultra team is proud to shine the “Ultra spotlight” on some of our lesser-known and unique products on a regular basis. This week, the spotlight is on Ultra Wine Ports — the ultra-modern racking system that makes your bottles look like they’re floating on air!


What are Ultra Wine Ports?

These racking designs are stainless steel apertures which are installed in the wall of a wine cellar. They have two rubber O-rings inside which grip and hold the necks of wine bottles. Ports have no external or invisible support system—once installed, they make wine bottles look like they’re levitating a few inches away from the wall.


What’s the advantage of Ultra Wine Ports?

A one-of-a-kind wine display, that’s what! This design allows wine collectors to create visually stunning displays. Ports are available in black, brushed aluminum, or clear acrylic. There are LED lighting options available with the clear acrylic ports (at additional cost). Arrange the ports in unique shapes and spruce them up with LED lights to create an eye-catching, uniquely modern wine display in your cellar, kitchen, lounge, or living area.


Are Ultra Wine Ports easy to install?

Wine Port Installation

Yes they are! Simply create correctly sized holes in your plaster or wood walls, insert the ports, and then screw the threaded washer onto the rear of the port. That’s it! You can begin installing your wine collection.


What’s the recommended way to install Ultra Wine Ports?

Ultra Wine Racks Configuration

Wine ports hold wine bottles at an angle with the label facing up. For this reason, the best placement for our wine ports as at a level no higher than your chest. This will allow the optimal visual to display your wine labels. This configuration will also ensure that most adults at an average height can see your bottle labels.


Do Ultra Wine Ports really hold bottles securely?

Ultra Wine Port Secure O-Ring

Yes! The sturdy rubber O-rings grip the neck of the bottle tight, and gravity does the rest. Bottles stored in wine ports do not wiggle, wobble, or shake once they are securely placed inside the port. Our CEO lives in earthquake country and is not apprehensive at all about storing wine bottles—even magnum bottles—in wine ports.


Are Ultra Wine Ports sold individually or in sets?

Currently, our ports are sold individually, so you will have to select the exact number that you will need and work from that. We are planning on eventually releasing “bundles” of Ultra wine ports in quantities of 25 and 50. Look out for panel-mounted wine ports in the future, too!


Where I can see Ultra Wine Ports in action?

Ultra Wine Ports

Visit our Houzz profile to check out innovative real-life and 3D images of our designs. The beauty of this racking configuration is that it can be used both as standalone wine displays and also in conjunction with our other products, like straight pegs, cradles, and HZ pegs and rails. The possibilities are endless!


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