Design Ideas to Transform Your House into an Ultra Home

Have you thought about installing a creative wine display in your home or business? Are you unsure of what you want or where to even start with your design? Ultra Wine Racks & Cellars is here to help! Our social media accounts feature hundreds of photos of custom designed modern wine rack displays and other wine storage solutions. Whether you’re a dedicated collector or you simply want an attractive display for a few bottles, we have a design fit for you. Our versatile products will allow you to design an attractive, enticing wine racking arrangement that meets your needs.

Facebook Design Photos

Modern Barn House Project Design

Take a look at the “Photos” section of our Facebook page to see what Ultra Wine Racks customers have done with our versatile Ultra Peg system. Our exclusive Ultra Straight Peg Rails come in lengths that support from 3 to 12 bottles of wine in cork-out position, offering a wide variety of design options. These stainless steel rails are available in black, wrinkle black, and chrome to highlight your décor.

Prefer something a little more free-form? Create circles, spirals, or even letters with Ultra Straight Pegs. These simple pegs are available in black, brushed aluminum, and chrome. They can also be configured in any way or shape you like!  You can even add optional LED lighting behind the Ultra Pegs for a truly eye-catching look.

We also make Ultra HZ Pegs, which present your wine in a label-out orientation. These black, chrome, or brushed aluminum Pegs come in lengths that hold one to three bottles securely in place, and are particularly earthquake resistant.  Our Ultra Peg system offers endless design possibilities.



Instagram Design Feed

Instagram is always an excellent place to view pictures of the latest trends, and our Instagram page is full of fresh, artful design ideas. Frame a painting or two with our stylish Ultra Fusion Panels!  These square panels are available in the Ultra Fusion Straight design with a cork-out orientation, and the Ultra Fusion HZ design, which showcases your labels in a horizontal position.

Both Ultra Fusion options come individually or in bundles of 4, 9, and 16, so you can get started with a pattern right away. The panels are available in six different colors, and provide a stunning backdrop for your collection. Our Instagram account also features our patented Ultra Cradle, which hold bottles by the neck and punt at the optimum angle for label viewing, and our new, amazing, label-out Floor-to-Ceiling wine displays, which can be mounted on 1, 2, or all 4 sides up to 9 feet high.



YouTube Product Videos

The Ultra Wine Racks channel on YouTube is the ideal site for learning more about our Ultra Max Reveal series. Check out our product spotlight to see the patented single and double deep Max Reveal racks, which hold your bottles securely at an optimal, label-out, earthquake-resistant angle, as well as the Ultra Max Reveal Straight racks, which offer high capacity bottle storage in a cork-out position.



Houzz Design Projects

Clyde Hill Wine Cellar Design Ultra Wine Racks

Maybe you have even more space to fill and want to install an entire wine cellar – but you want something less traditional than old-school wooden racking in your basement. Look no further than the creative, original projects on our Houzz page.  How about a wine cellar installed beneath a staircase?  A neon-lit cellar containing bottles in four different orientations? Rows of clear acrylic Ultra Wine Ports backlit with LED lighting? Or a glass-enclosed cellar in the living room? See these and other incredible design ideas using our innovative products, by clicking the “Projects” link.



Visit out website for more information about all of the product lines available at Ultra Wine Racks. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about Ultra sales and special offers, and don’t hesitate to email us or call our team at 1-800-343-9463 ext. 802 with any questions, or to request a quote on a custom design for your home or business.

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