Mounted Wine Rack Panels (Label-Out)
Fusion Panel HZ Bundle of 4 Black
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Fusion Wine Wall Panel—Black Acrylic (3 to 9 Bottles)


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The Ultra Fusion label-out panel is a wall mounted wine holder. Fusion panels don’t just store but showcase your wine bottles. Moreover, they’re easy to install and customizable. Mixing and matching faceplate colors is a snap, allowing you to create multiple design variations.

Why is the Fusion Label-Out panel right for you?

We designed the label-out panel wine racking system to maximize the visibility of wine labels. Our motto is “don’t just store your wine; display it.” This wall mounted wine holder uses our HZ pegs to display wine bottles in a “label-out” configuration. As a result, the Fusion panel shows off the choicest gems from your wine collection. Spruce up any room or living area with the versatile Fusion label-out panel.

Want to change faceplate colors? Here’s the kicker.

Don’t like the color you chose for your Fusion panel arrangement? Our design makes the faceplates easy to change. You don’t have to reinstall the entire panel if you want to switch colors or materials. All you have to do is remove the pegs, install a new faceplate, and reinstall the pegs.

How many bottles do Fusion label-out panels hold?

The capacity of our Fusion label-out panels depends on the bottle depth:

  • Single deep: 3 bottles
  • Double deep: 6 bottles
  • Triple deep: 9 bottles

If you would like more storage options, view our Fusion Label-Out Panel Bundles.


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Faceplate Materials: Alumasteel, White Acrylic, Black Acrylic, Wood (Medium Stain, Dark Stain, Unfinished)

Bottle Capacity: One (1) faceplate and six (6) HZ pegs hold three (3), six (6) or nine (9) bottles

Part Numbers:

UFP-BLAC-HZ-1BTL             UFP-BLAC-HZ-2BTL             UFP-BLAC-HZ-3BTL

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