Floor-to-Ceiling Mounted Wine Rack Display—2-Sided (84 Bottles)

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Ultra’s Floor-to-Ceiling display is a sleek, modern, and organized way to display your wine collection.  The Floor-to-Ceiling is perfect for displaying your wine collection without a wall and is an absolute must-have addition to your room or wine cellar. This modern, mounted display maximizes space while showcasing your bottles within easy reach. These racking systems include a floor-to-ceiling post, HZ Wall Rails or Fusion Strip, and mounting hardware.

Whether you are looking to maximize the storage of your wine collection or want to create an aesthetic room divider in your home or restaurant, this floor standing wine rack is sure to fit the needs for wine cellar designers, architects, and contractors.

NOTE: The stainless steel post that is delivered with this bundle comes standard at a height of 10 feet. However, this bundle is intended for a ceiling that is 8-9 feet in height. You will need to cut the stainless steel post to the custom height of your ceiling before installation. For heights other than 8-9 feet or racking depths other than double deep, please contact our Sales Team at 1-800-343-9463 ext. 802.

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1 review for Floor-to-Ceiling Mounted Wine Rack Display—2-Sided (84 Bottles)

  1. 5 out of 5

    The floor to ceiling racks are a great addition to my cellar. I selected the double deep two sided racks to maximize the bottle capacity for the limited space I have available. They require some measuring, cutting and drilling of the brackets to get the racks mounted. They are very sturdy and look fantastic.

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Color: Black or Chrome
Bottle Capacity: 84 bottles

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