Fusion HZ Label-Out Wine Wall Alumasteel (3 Foot)


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Looking to store between 12 to 36 bottles? Tired of long, tedious installations? So are we. That’s why we created this DIY label-out wine wall panel rack. By using larger panel sizes with the same Fusion installation process, it is now even easier to create a custom wine display. You will cut your installation time while creating elegant wine racking displays.

What is the Fusion Wine Wall Panel?

The Fusion Wine Wall was created to shorten installation times, and reduce the costs typically associated with large custom wine wall panels. We offer two styles in this Fusion DIY wine wall panel line: Label-Out Wine Wall & Cork-Out Wine Wall. The cork out wine rack utilizes our brushed aluminum ST wine peg and secures bottles with the neck facing outward. The Fusion ST Cork Out Wine Rack will maximize your storage capacity, while our Fusion HZ Label Out Wine Rack showcases off your labels.

What racking styles are available?

Available in one-bottle-, two-bottle-, and three-bottle-deep configurations; can hold anywhere from three to nine bottles

What colors are available for the Fusion Wine Wall Panel?

Choose from three different faceplate finishes: Aluminum, Black Acrylic, Dark Stain.

Illuminated Light Displays Are Now Easier Than Ever.

The recessed faceplate option features a perfectly spaced area on the backside of the faceplate, which is made ready for LED lighting placement. If you are interested in adding LED lights to your display, choose the recessed option.

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Fusion Wine Wall Product Specs

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