HZ Rail 1 Deep 1FT Black
HZ Rail 1 Deep 1FT Chrome
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HZ Rail 1 Deep 3f/4f
HZ Rail 1 Deep 3ft Black
HZ Rail 1 Deep Black
HZ Rail 1 Deep 3f/4f
HZ Rails 1 Deep Chrome (1ft,2ft,3ft,4ft)

1 ft Wall Rails Metal Wine Rack (3 to 9 Bottles)


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Ultra Wall Rails are wall mounted metal wine racks that are easy to DIY. Allow your creative side to come out by buying these racks. So sit down, have a nice glass of wine, and design your display with endless possibilities.

This wall mounted metal wine rack is perfect for you!

Ultra Horizontal Wall Rails are ideal for the person looking to showcase their wine collection, not just store it. These wall mounted metal wine racks will keep the attention on your wine labels, while staying sleek and modern in the background. This wall decor is sure to impress your friends as it draws their eyes to your collection of bottles.

Your bottles are stored securely in place.

Our Horizontal Wall Rails are equipped with sturdy pegs and recycled rubber O-rings that hold your bottles securely in place. These rails have great potential for storing large capacities because of their depths. They also come with connectors, so you can connect rails to each other. Any size or any depth wine rack is compatible with one another.

How many bottles does it hold?

The bottle capacity of our 1 ft Horizontal Wall Rails depends on the depth:

  • Single deep: 3 bottles
  • Double deep: 6 bottles
  • Triple deep: 9 bottles

What other wall rails do we offer?

We offer Label-Out style in lengths of 1ft wall rails2 ft wall rails3 ft wall rails, and 4 ft wall rails. For this design we offer four finishes: Chrome, Satin Black, Wrinkle Black, and Matte Black. Also, these come in depths of Single deep, Double deep, and Triple deep.

We also offer the Cork-Out style in lengths of 1ft wall rails2 ft wall rails, 3 ft wall rails, and 4 ft wall rails. For this design we offer four finishes: Chrome, Satin Black, Wrinkle Black, and Matte Black.

But wait. There’s a sale!

Check out our sale that is currently running on all of our Chrome wall mounted wine racks. Click the following link to see more: 20% OFF Chrome Wall Rails

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The Ultra HZ Peg Rails offers a classic wine bottle storage position combined with a sleek, modern look.

Color: Chrome, Satin Black, Wrinkle Black, or Matte Black
Bottle Capacity:

  • 1-foot, 1-deep rail holds three (3) bottles
  • 1-foot, 2-deep rail holds six (6) bottles
  • 1-foot, 3-deep rail holds nine (9) bottleS

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