HZ Rail 1 Deep 3FT Black
HZ Rail 1 Deep 3FT Chrome
HZ Rail 1 Deep 3f/4f
HZ Rail 1 Deep 3ft Black
HZ Rail 1 Deep Black
HZ Rail 1 Deep 3f/4f
HZ Rails 1 Deep Chrome (1ft,2ft,3ft,4ft)

3 ft Wall Rails Metal Wine Rack (Label-Out)

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Ultra Wall Rails is a modern wall mounted wine rack that you can easily DIY. Allow your creative side to come out by buying these rails. Sit down, have a nice glass of wine, and design your display with endless possibilities.

This modern wall mounted wine rack is perfect for you!

The cork-out exclusive design maximizes your storage space for you. Our wine racks are exclusive in the market because of their unique ability to be mounted closer to each other than the traditional metal wine racking you will see offered by our competitors. Tight spaces are perfect for this product. If you are looking to have one wine rack in a tight space, these are for you. If you are looking to mount multiple wine racks in one tight space, these are also for you. These cork-out wine racks are made to accommodate you space savers out there looking for a modern wall mounted wine rack. We hope they benefit your space-saving needs. Our wine racks come with instructions that are easy to follow and you can mount them in a matter of minutes. They are mountable on almost any surface and fit especially well inside of cabinets.

What else do we offer?

We also offer the Cork-Out style in lengths of 1ft wall rails, 2 ft wall rails, 3 ft wall rails, and 4 ft wall rails. For this design we offer two finishes: Chrome and Satin Black.

We also offer Label-Out style in lengths of  1ft wall rails2 ft wall rails3 ft wall rails, and 4 ft wall rails. For this design we offer three finishes: Satin Black, Chrome, and Wrinkle Black. Also, these come in depths of Single deep, Double deep, and Triple deep.


Check out our sale that is currently running on all of our Chrome wall mounted wine racks. Follow this link to the Chrome 20% Off page that includes label-out wine racks.

Additional information

Length (ft)

1ft, 2ft, 3ft, 4ft


Black, Chrome, Wrinkle Black


Single deep, Double deep, Triple deep


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The Ultra HZ Peg Rails offers a classic wine bottle storage position combined with a sleek, modern look.

Color: Chrome, Satin Black, or Wrinkle Black
Bottle Capacity:

  • 3-foot, 1-deep rail holds nine (9) bottles
  • 3-foot, 2-deep rail holds eighteen (18) bottles
  • 3-foot, 3-deep rail holds twenty-seven (27) bottles

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Want to learn how to install Ultra HZ Rails?

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