To Store or To Display? Fusion HZ vs. Fusion Straight Panels

The Fusion HZ and Fusion Straight panels are the latest designs from Ultra Wine Racks. The faceplate design makes both Fusion panel designs simple to install and easy to change colors. For example, if you’d rather switch out the modern alumasteel for a more classic dark-stained wood faceplate, there’s no need to reinstall the entire panel. Simply remove the pegs that hold the metal faceplate in place, replace the metal with a dark-stained wooden faceplate, and reinstall the pegs.

While the Fusion HZ and Fusion Straight panels are both innovative designs for metal wine rack displays, there are two key differences between both designs. We’re here to help you understand those key differences so that you can make the most informative decision about your newest wine racking display.


Storage Capacity

The first difference between the panels is the amount of storage that is available. While the Fusion Straight panel allows for the storage of up to 9 bottles, the Fusion HZ panels come with three different design types. These different design types allow for the panels to hold different capacities. The Fusion HZ – 1 Deep holds 3 bottles, the Fusion HZ – 2 Deep holds 6 bottles, and the Fusion HZ – 3 Deep allows up to 9 bottles.

Bottle Limit
Fusion HZ – 1 Deep 3
Fusion HZ – 2 Deep 6
Fusion HZ – 3 Deep 9
Fusion Straight 9


Bottle Display

Fusion HZ Straight Panel Ultra Wine Racks

The Fusion straight-peg, single-panel wine rack is an elegant way to display your bottles on any wall in your home. The Fusion panel is designed to adapt and change with your style preferences and storage needs. As your wine collection grows, just add a panel to any side of your current panel and they virtually fuse together to make a larger panel.

The Fusion Straight panels are designed to maintain consistent bottle spacing as you expand your rack in any direction. This unique style of racking is able to hold a range of bottle sizes, from a half-bottle to a magnum.

The Fusion HZ panel wine racking system is designed to maximize the visibility of your wine labels. This Fusion panel uses our HZ pegs to showcase your bottles in a “label-out” configuration. This configuration will allow you to show off the choicest gems from your wine collection to your guests. Use one panel to display your favorite wines or place several panels together to create a visually stunning display.

Fusion HZ panels are designed to blend together and maintain consistent bottle spacing and a clean, flush appearance. The Fusion HZ panel’s iterative design means that you can buy as few or as many as you want and still create a completely unique and customized arrangement.

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