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Max Reveal Magnum Wine Rack (1 Bottle)

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If you were your wine bottles, wouldn’t you want to rest on fine metal in such a secure fashion? Use the Ultra Magnum Max Reveal wine rack to store large-format wine bottles with ease!

The Max Reveal Magnum wine rack is a great product for displaying the magnum wine bottles in your collection. While many of our racking options are compatible with magnum wine bottles, the Max Reveal Magnum is the only rack specifically designed for this bottle size.

Max Reveal Magnums hold your bottles in a secure label-out, horizontal configuration. The label-out configuration maximizes exposure of the bottle and label. In this configuration, the corks of your wine stay moist. Keeping wine bottle corks moist ensures that they will not go dry and allow air to enter the bottles.

Maximum bottle, minimal metal.

With minimal metal, the bottle and label are the stars of this show. As guests pass your wine display racks, their eyes will be seduced. The Max Reveal Magnum wine rack has a minimal sight profile that ensures that your wine bottles, not your racking system, will be what’s on display.

We’re here to help.

Max Reveal Magnums are suitable for both private and commercial collections. Our design team can collaborate with you to arrange these on a custom panel of nearly any size. Our team invites new custom jobs and enjoys the opportunity to work with you to create your dream panel.

The design team will:

  1. Draw your panels (in collaboration with you) using the program CAD
  2. Cut any type of wood and most other materials for your custom panels using our CNC machine
  3. Install hardware in to the panel
  4. Fully assemble panels before shipping to ensure highest quality

The sky is the limit. Impress your friends and make your enemies jealous. Don’t just store your wine; display it with a custom panel made by Ultra Wine Racks.

What colors do Max Reveal Magnums come in?

  • Black

What depths do Max Reveal Magnums come in?

  • Single Deep

How many bottles do Max Reveal Magnums support?

  • Single deep: One (1) Max Reveal holds one (1) bottle

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Color: Black
Bottle Capacity: One (1) Max Reveal Magnum holds one (1) bottle

Part Numbers:

  • U312 - Max Reveal Magnum (Black) M4

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