Ultra Insert (1 Each)


Sold individually

  • All Straight Wine Pegs: M6
  • Black/Chrome HZ Wine Pegs: M6
  • Brushed Aluminum HZ Wine Pegs: M10
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The Ultra Insert is the best way to install our HZ or Straight Wine Pegs. This accessory item that can be inserted into the rear of your wooden panel and will support a wine peg that has a thread that is M6/M10 size. It allows you to seamlessly install wine pegs into wooden panels while providing consistency in installing the pegs at a straight angle.

If you plan on installing the wine pegs into a wooden panel, we highly recommend the use of our Ultra Insert to install the pegs. If you plan on installing the wine pegs without this accessory, you must be able to access the pack of the panels to screw them on.


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