Straight Fusion Panel AlumaSteel
Straight Fusion Panel White
Straight Fusion Panel Dark Stain
HZ Fusion Panel 2 Deep 6 Bottles AlumaSteel
HZ Fusion Panel 2 Deep 6 Bottles AlumaSteel
HZ Fusion Panel 2 Deep 6 Bottles AlumaSteel

Ultra Fusion Straight Panel—Alumasteel


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The Fusion straight-peg single-panel wine rack is an elegant way to make your bottles available on any wall in your home. The Fusion panel is designed to adapt and change with your storage volume and style needs. As your bottle capacity needs increase, you simply add a panel to any side and they virtually fuse together to make a larger panel. The Fusion panels maintain a consistent bottle spacing as you expand your rack in any direction. This unique style of racking is able to hold a range of bottle sizes, from a half-bottle to a magnum. The faceplate design makes the Fusion panel simple to install and easy to change colors. If you’d rather switch out the modern alumasteel for a more classic dark-stained wood faceplate, there’s no need to reinstall the entire panel. Simply remove the pegs that hold the metal faceplate in place, replace the metal with a dark-stained wooden faceplate, and reinstall the pegs.

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Faceplate Material: Alumasteel

Rack: (18) Aluminum Brushed Pegs (Holds 9 Bottles)

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