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Ultra Fusion HZ—Black, Single Deep


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The Fusion HZ panel wine racking system is designed to maximize the visibility of your wine labels. This Fusion panel uses our HZ pegs to showcase your bottles in a “label-out” configuration, showing off the choicest gems from your wine collection to your guests. Use one panel to display your favorite wines or place several panels together to create a visually stunning display. Fusion HZ panels are designed to blend together and maintain consistent bottle spacing and a clean, flush appearance. The Fusion HZ panel’s iterative design means that you can buy as few or as many as you want and still create a completely unique and customized arrangement. The faceplate design makes the Fusion panel simple to install and easy to change colors. If you’d rather switch out the modern alumasteel for a more classic dark-stained wood faceplate, there’s no need to reinstall the entire panel. Simply remove the pegs that hold the metal faceplate in place, replace the metal with a dark-stained wooden faceplate, and reinstall the pegs.

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Faceplate Material: Black Acrylic

Bottle Capacity: One (1) faceplate and six (6) brushed aluminum pegs hold three (3) bottles

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