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Ultra Rails (Cork-Out)

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Award-winning Ultra Wine Rack Rails are Innovative, Versatile, easy to install, and space efficient. Wine rack storage in a model Cork-Out fashion. Choose different Ultra products and make endless possible design themes for your wine display. Ideal for wine cellars and optimal wine storage applications. The most stylish decorative wall mounted wine bottle holder rack, easy to install.

The Ultra Wine Racks dual straight-peg system holds your bottles with the neck out, maximizing and simplifying your storage options. Our exclusive design can be mounted inside a cabinet or directly onto a wall.

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Black, Chrome

Length (ft)

1ft, 2ft, 3ft, 4ft


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Ultra Straight Rails offer a classic wine bottle storage position combined with a sleek, modern look.

Color: Black or Chrome
Bottle Capacity: 1-foot rail holds three (3) bottles; 2-foot rail holds six (6) bottles; 3-foot rail holds nine (9) bottles; 4-foot rail holds twelve (12) bottles

Part Numbers:

  • UWR-PEG-1FT-CHR - Ultra PEG Series - 1 ft (Chrome)
  • UWR-PEG-1FT-BLK - Ultra PEG Series - 1 ft (Black)
  • UWR-PEG-2FT-CHR - Ultra PEG Series - 2 ft (Chrome)
  • UWR-PEG-2FT-BLK - Ultra PEG Series - 2 ft (Black)
  • UWR-PEG-3FT-CHR - Ultra PEG Series - 3 ft (Chrome)
  • UWR-PEG-3FT-BLK - Ultra PEG Series - 3 ft (Black)
  • UWR-PEG-4FT-CHR - Ultra PEG Series - 4 ft (Chrome)
  • UWR-PEG-4FT-BLK - Ultra PEG Series - 4 ft (Black)

Want to learn how to install Ultra Straight Peg Rails?

Click here:  Ultra Straight Peg Rail Installation Guide

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