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HZ Wine Peg (1 Bottle)


Key Features

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Ultra HZ Wine Pegs

HZ Wine Pegs are ideal for the person looking to showcase their wine collection, not just store it. These metal wine rack pegs hold bottles in a horizontal, label-out configuration. This allows you to see the labels of your bottles without picking up, handling, or disturbing your valuable collection. Let your wine age in peace as you wow your friends and family with your diverse taste and knowledge of wine labels.

Need assistance creating a custom design?

Our design team can collaborate with you to arrange or wine rack pegs on a custom panel of nearly any size. We invite new custom jobs and enjoy the opportunity to work with you to create your dream panel.

Our design team will:

  1. Draw your panels (in collaboration with you) using the program CAD
  2. Cut any type of wood and most other materials for your custom panels using our CNC machine
  3. Install hardware in to the panel
  4. Fully assemble panels before shipping to ensure highest quality

How many wine rack pins do I need to buy?

  • Single deep: Two (2) wine pegs to support one (1) bottle of wine
  • Double deep: Two (2) wine pegs to support two (2) bottles of wine
  • Triple deep: Two (2) wine pegs to support three (3) bottles of wine

Do I need other accessories to install my modern wine rack pegs?

It depends on your installation. If you plan on installing the wine pegs into a wooden panel, we highly recommend the use of our Ultra Insert to install the pegs. Therefore, if you plan on installing the wine pegs without the Ultra Insert, you must be able to access the pack of the panels to screw them on.

Product Specs


M8 Specs


  1. Bought a bunch of pegs to display bottles behind my bar. The pegs are hardly noticeable and create a cool “floating” wine effect. Definitely will return to these for my next project.

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