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Floor-to-Ceiling Mounted Wine Rack Display — 1-Sided (63 Bottles)


Key Features

Ultra Floor-to-Ceiling Mounted Wine Rack Display

Ultra’s Floor-to-Ceiling display is a sleek, modern, and organized way to display your wine collection.  The Floor-to-Ceiling is perfect for displaying your wine collection without a wall and is an absolute must-have addition to your room or wine cellar. This Floating wine rack system maximizes space while showcasing your bottles within easy reach.

Why are Floor-To-Ceiling Wine Racks right for you?

Whether you are looking to maximize the storage of your wine collection or want to create an aesthetic room divider in your home or restaurant, Floor-to-Ceiling wine racks are sure to fit the needs for wine cellar designers, architects, and contractors.

What is the Ultra Floor-To-Ceiling Wine Rack Comprised Of?

These racking systems include a floor-to-ceiling post, HZ Wall Rails, and mounting hardware to create a truly unique wine design with a super easy installation process.

Who would want a Floor-To-Ceiling Wine Rack?

The Ultra Floor-to-Ceiling wine racking system was designed for the ultimate wine enthusiast. This wine racking system was created to ensure the maximum visibility of the wine labels.

NOTE: The post that is delivered with this bundle comes standard at a height of 10 feet. However, this bundle is intended for a ceiling that is 8-9 feet in height. You will need to cut the post to the custom height of your ceiling before installation. For heights other than 8-9 feet or bottle capacities depths other than what’s available, please contact us at

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