Outgoing Products

It's time to say goodbye

Over the years, we’ve prided ourselves on providing the most unique wine racking systems. As we continue to innovate our product line, we have decided to focus our efforts on products that our clients truly desire. We are offering liquidation discounts on the following products that will be discontinued.

Wine Ports

Finish: Brushed Aluminum

XL Wine Pegs

Finish: Brushed Aluminum

HZ Wine Pegs (Chrome)

Depth: Single

Max Reveal Display​

Finish: Black, Chrome

Straight Wall Rails (Chrome)

Length: 1FT, 2FT, 3Ft, 4FT

HZ Wall Rails (Satin & Wrinkle Black)

Length: 1FT, 2FT | Depth: Single, Double, Trible


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This inventory will be available until it’s depleted or January 31, 2021, whichever comes first.

After an order has been processed, it will take 3 – 5 business days until shipment. Orders are typically processed within 1 – 2 business days.

Our cellar specialists can assist with any drawings that you may need to complete a project with any of these products as well as installation tips.

The inventory that we are provided will be “as is,” meaning that we will not be accepting any returns or refunds.

You may contact us directly at to get more information about the inventory counts for each outgoing product. 

Of course! Our improved product line will contain HZ and Straight Wine Pegs, HZ and Straight Wall Rails,  Display Rows, Floor-to-Ceiling Frames, and Fusion Wine Walls. Feel free to for more information. 

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