A New Way To Store & Display Your Wine in 2021 – Ultra Display Row

Say hello to our newest wine storage system, the Ultra Display Row. A new way to store & display your wine. This modular wine rack storage system displays wine bottles with a label-out design. Perfect for commercial applications where maximum label visibility is needed to maximize wine sales. Also, ideal for wine enthusiasts looking to store and showcase their favorite wines with a straightforward DIY installation. Contractors & cellar designers enjoy this wine storage system’s ability to seamlessly integrate into designs providing a contrast with linear racking systems. Learn more about our Ultra Display Row’s features by reading below-

Optimal Label Viewing

The modern, sleek design makes any area organized & aesthetically pleasing. Ultra Display Rows are designed to hold your valuable wine bottles securely while displaying them at the optimal angle for viewing. Making them the perfect storage system to store just a few to create your own #winedesign.

Ultra Display Row: A New Way To Store & Display Your Wine in 2021.
Store & Display Your Wine - Display Row

Dynamic Mounting Options

Another key feature of the Ultra Display Rows is that it can be mounted to a variety of surfaces utilizing multiple strategically place mounting locations to ensure your wine collection is safe, secure, and stylish. Pairs seamlessly with our HZ Wall Rails or Floor-To-Ceiling wine storage systems.

Durable Matte Black Finish

In the design world, black has always been synonymous with sophistication. Thus, we’ve coated our Display Row in the highest quality, matte black finish available for an ultra-luxurious feel. Not to mention matte black finishes pairs perfectly with modern light or sleek dark interior color palettes.

Store & Display Your Wine

Ultra Display Row Designs

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Our Cellar Design Team Is Here To Assist

Look no further; we specialize in partnering with the world’s best cellar designers to create jaw-dropping #winedisplays#winewalls, and #cellars. We work extensively with homeowners, interior designers, and developers to make their clients’ dream cellar a reality. Follow us on Instagram for more Ultra Display Row design inspiration. Additionally, to discuss our new way to store & display your favorite wines or your wine cellar design, please email sales@ultrawineracks.com or give us a call at 1-800-343-9463 ext. 802.


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