Ultra Fusion Panel: Where Innovation Meets Sleek Design

Introducing the Ultra Fusion Panel – the latest series from Ultra Wine Racks that merges innovation and sleek design. The Fusion Panel not only serves as storage for your personal wine collection, but it is the perfect home décor to display your wines. Better yet, the Fusion Panels are so easy to install that you can do it yourself!

The Fusion Panel comes in two different designs: the Fusion HZ Panel and the Fusion Straight Panel. Let’s dive in to see how these different designs will allow your personality to shine through your wine collection.


Ultra Fusion HZ Panel

Ultra Fusion HZ Panel

The Ultra Fusion HZ Panel has a layout that allows you to horizontally store your wine in order to display your favorite bottles with the label facing outward. This configuration can stock anywhere from 3 to 9 bottles, depending on the depth of the pegs: 1 deep, 2 deep, or 3 deep. The Fusion HZ is perfect for anyone that has a few select wines that they value and wish to display.


Ultra Fusion Straight Panel

Ultra Fusion Straight Panels

The Ultra Fusion Straight Panel is a practical design which permits efficient wine storage with limited wall space. This configuration can stock up to 9 wine bottles per panel. The straight-peg, single-panel wine racking panel is an elegant way to display your bottles on any wall in your home. This unique style of racking is able to hold a range of bottle sizes, from a half-bottle to a magnum.


Ultra Fusion Panel Color Palette

Ultra Fusion Panels Color Palette

Ultra Fusion panels also come in 6 different backgrounds: Aluminum, Black, White, Dark Stained, Medium Stained, and Natural. While the alumasteel, black, and white backgrounds give a futuristic appeal, the dark stained, medium stained and natural wood backgrounds provide a modern, yet traditional, feel. With 3 different Fusion HZ variations, a Fusion Straight design, and 6 different backgrounds, there are endless ways to design your living space.

The faceplate design also makes the Fusion panel simple to install and easy to change colors. If you’d rather switch out the modern alumasteel for a more classic dark-stained wood faceplate, there’s no need to reinstall the entire panel. Simply remove the pegs that hold the metal faceplate in place, replace the metal with a dark-stained wood faceplate, and reinstall the pegs.


Ultra Fusion Bundles

The Ultra Fusion series also comes in bundles of 4, 9, or 16 to create an aesthetic, easy to assemble, and optimal storage storage space. These bundles are available for both the Fusion HZ Panels and the Fusion Straight Panels.

Fusion HZ Panel Bundles


Ultra Fusion HZ Panel Bundles

Fusion HZ Panels are designed to blend together and maintain consistent bottle spacing while maintaining a clean, flush appearance. Use one panel to display your favorite wines or place several panels together to create a visually stunning display.

Fusion Straight Panel Bundles

Ultra Fusion Straight Panel Bundles

Fusion Stright panels are designed to maintain consistent bottle spacing as you expand your rack in any direction. The Fusion panel is designed to adapt and change with your style preferences and storage needs. As your wine collection grows, just add a panel to any side of your current panel and they virtually fuse together to make a larger panel.


Ultra Easy Installation

The beauty of the Fusion Panels does not stop with the sleek designs. Its seamless installation process makes this interior design project easy for avid do-it-yourselfers to the everyday Ikea-lover. Whether you have a large wine collection stored away in a cellar or a few bottles saved up for a fun event, the Ultra Fusion Panel will serve as a true eye-catcher in your home.

Watch the installation videos here: Fusion HZ Panel Installation | Fusion Straight Panel Installation


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