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What is the Fusion Curve?

Say goodbye to boring accent walls, and say hello to elevated wall art with the Fusion Curve. Whether you want to create your own look or you select a wine display kit, you will be pleased with how easy it is to showcase your favorite bottles. Fusion Curve panels come either configured to the right or the left, which offer endless design possibilities. Each panel comes in two 3FT parts, which come together to make a complete 6FT panel. The panels also utilize our HZ Wine Peg, allowing you to display your wine bottles.

Key Features



The latest designs will allow you to comfortably store anywhere from 9 to 54 wine bottles.


An accessible CAD library makes it easier than ever to integrate our latest products into any unique design.


By using larger panel sizes with the same Fusion Installation process, it is now even easier to create a custom wine display


Want to showcase magnum bottles? No problem. The 4FT Triple Column MG was made just for you.


The recessed faceplate option features a perfectly spaced area which is pre-set and ready for LED lighting placement.

How it Works

Complete your look in five simple steps:

(1)  Place the panel on the wall.

(2) Secure the panel with provided hardware.

(3) Align the faceplates to the panel.

(4) Secure the faceplate to the panel with Ultra pegs.

(5) Add wine bottles.

Choose From 6 Different Finishes

Choose From 3 Different Peg Depths

Explore Your Options

Curve Types

Each Fusion Curve comes in (2) 3FT pieces that combine in the middle to create a 6FT long curve. (See product specs.)

Bottle Capacity
Single Deep: 18 Bottles
Double Deep: 36 Bottles
Triple Deep: 54 Bottles

Curve Kits

Each Fusion Curve Kit comes with (2) left panels with faceplates and (2) right panels with faceplates. This gives a total of 4 panels.

Bottle Capacity
Single Deep: 72 Bottles
Double Deep: 144 Bottles
Triple Deep: 216 Bottles

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