Five Wine Cellar Design Trends In 2022 | Ultra HZ Wall Rails

#1 – Contemporary Design

Our signature HZ Wall Rail storage system wine rack was designed with current contemporary design trends in-mind. The HZ Rails are simplistic, subtly sophisticated, and utilize clean vertical lines to highlight the natural beauty of enthusiasts’ wine collections. We believe in letting our clients’ wine and interior aesthetics speak for themselves with minimalistic modern (label-out) wine storage options.

HZ Wine Wall Rail Design Trends

#2 – Focal Point Of The Room

These wall-mounted racks were designed to showcase enthusiasts’ wine collections, not just store them. HZ Wall Rails were designed to be mounted at eye level to ensure they are the first place a guest’s eyes will land. Making the wine the star of the room, and keeping all the attention on your favorite wine labels.

#3 – Elevate Interior Walls

These modern wall-mounted wine racks are the perfect accent piece to add to any wine cellar, wall, display, kitchen, or office to create a truly unique wine design. The Ultra HZ Wall Rail is the perfect racking system for the modern wine lover. Our HZ wall wine racks are great for designers looking to give life to a dull wall with a simple display or a cellar contractor looking to create a large wine cellar. In short, we have the perfect solutions to transform an area within your home to ensure you’re not just storing your wine,  you are showcasing it for all to see.

#4 – Clean, Linear, & Uniformed

Our wall-mounted HZ Wall Rails offer the ultimate linear minimalist design profile. Accomplished by providing sturdy metal construction, which makes any display a sleek and modern one. When combined with multiple HZ Wall Rail storage systems, designers, contractors, & builders, can create clean, linear, & uniformed wine designs. Above all, the HZ Wall Rails provides easy access, maximized storage space, and infinite design possibilities.

wine rack design trends - contrast

#5 – Contrast

Ultra HZ Wall Rails come standard with an extremely durable matte black finish. This finish perfectly contrasts with 2021 color trends. For instance, by contrasting matte black with organic tones, designers create impact within their wine cellar designs. In addition, through the use of the fundamental design principle of contrast, designers draw large amounts of visual interest to desired areas.

Our Team Is Here To Assist

No matter the size of your home or business, whether you’re a collector or just getting started, we can design the perfect wine display. Follow us on Instagram for more HZ Wall Rail design inspiration. Also, to discuss these design trends or a wine cellar design please email sales@ultrawineracks.com or give us a call at 1-800-343-9463 ext. 802.

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  • Elyse Molnar

    3 months ago

    Hi there,

    We’re looking to have a custom wine wall built. We love inspo #1 and #4. The space dimensions are approx: 70 1/4 wide, 31 1/4 deep, and approx 8.5/9 feet tall.

    Thank you!


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