5 Must-Have Father’s Day Gifts

It’s not too late to get the perfect gift for the Father’s Day! While some dads love the typical gifts, such as gold cufflinks, that iWatch that he has been eyeing, or a fresh shaving kit to achieve the perfect beard, why not surprise the special wine lover in your life with gifts he will truly cherish. So just what do you get for the dad that loves his fine wine? We’re more than happy to give you some ideas:

1. Ultra Wine Racks Storage & Display System

What dad doesn’t like to enjoy a fine glass of wine to unwind? Or an impressive (but relatively simple) do-it-yourself project to add beauty and improve their living space? Ultra’s metal wine racks come in lots of different designs and finishes – making any modern look easy to achieve. Whether your dad is looking to display his prized wines or looking for an attractive way to store his wine collection, Ultra Wine Racks & Cellars has him covered.

Ultra Black HZ Rails
Ultra Black HZ Rails

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2. Vina Tondonia Reserve Wine

For the father that enjoys his evenings with a bottle of fancy wine, treat his palette with the rich flavors of Spain’s R. Lopez de Heredia Roija Vina Tondonia Gran Reserva 1994. This smooth, light wine does not discriminate against any meat dishes but pairs beautifully with a meal of savory lamb. With sweet notes of vanilla and dried berry aromas, any dad would thoroughly enjoy an evening with this rare, fine wine.

1994 Lopez de Heredia Rioja Vina Tondonia Gran Reserva
Image courtesy of WineBid.


3. Oster Electronic Bottle Opener

Free your father from opening another bottle of wine with his hands (and possible drinking the dreaded cork wine) with an electric bottle opener. Not only will this gadget ensure a higher success rate with opening wine bottles, it is also sure to impress other wine lovers during social gatherings.

Ranking among the heavy-hitters of electronic bottle openers is the Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener. Not only is this opener cordless, but it also includes a foil cutter that makes for easy removal of the wine seal.



4. Train Ride through Napa Valley

A trip through Napa Valley would serve as the perfect gift for any wine lover. The Napa Valley Wine Train will take your father back into time as he travels through the lush valley in a 1950s-style railcar. Not only will this journey take him through a picturesque landscape, but he may also choose to enjoy a lunch or dinner with a glass of wine. With over 15 different tours, you can be sure to treat your father to an enjoyable experience.

Napa Valley Wine Train
Image courtesy of Wine Country.


5. iSommelier Smart Decanter

The first taste of wine can either be quite refreshing or rather disappointing. A big part of whether you are getting the true flavors of wine is proper aeration. This is where wine decanter comes into play. While a traditional decanter may take an hour or more to filter the iSommelier Smart Decanter takes mere minutes to make the aeration process much more efficient. This unique system ensures that highly concentrated and purified oxygen meets the complete contents of a wine decanter at an even rate. Better yet, this device can be controlled directly from a smartphone. With this innovative product, your dad will surely be one of the trendiest wine enthusiasts among his social circle.

iSommelier Smart Decanter
Image courtesy of Wine Enthusiast.

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