HZ Rails 1 Deep Black (1ft,2ft,3ft,4ft)
HZ Rail 1 Deep 3f/4f
HZ Rail 1 Deep 3ft Black
HZ Rail 1 Deep Black
HZ Rail 1 Deep 3f/4f
HZ Rails 1 Deep Chrome (1ft,2ft,3ft,4ft)

Ultra HZ Rails

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Ultra HZ Rails are ideal for the person looking to showcase their wine collection. HZ Rails hold bottles in a horizontal, label-out configuration, permitting you to see the labels of your bottles without picking up, handling, and/or disturbing your valuable collection. Sturdy pegs and recycled rubber O-rings hold your bottles securely in place.

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Length (ft)

1ft, 2ft, 3ft, 4ft


Black, Chrome, Wrinkle Black


Single deep, Double deep, Triple deep


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The Ultra HZ Peg Rails offers a classic wine bottle storage position combined with a sleek, modern look.

Color: Chrome, Satin Black, or Wrinkle Black
Bottle Capacity:

  • 1-foot, 1-deep rail holds three (3) bottles
  • 1-foot, 2-deep rail holds six (6) bottles
  • 1-foot, 3-deep rail holds nine (9) bottles
  • 2-foot, 1-deep rail holds six (6) bottles
  • 2-foot, 2-deep rail holds twelve (12) bottles
  • 2-foot, 3-deep rail holds eighteen (18) bottles
  • 3-foot, 1-deep rail holds nine (9) bottles
  • 3-foot, 2-deep rail holds eighteen (18) bottles
  • 3-foot, 3-deep rail holds twenty-seven (27) bottles
  • 4-foot, 1-deep rail holds twelve (12) bottles
  • 4-foot, 2-deep rail holds twenty-four (24) bottles
  • 4-foot, 3-deep rail holds thirty-six (36) bottles

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